Stakeholder and Partner Resources

Welcome to the partnership and stakeholder page for the Protect Scotland app. This page provides a range of campaign assets to help promote the app.

The more of us using the app, the better it will work. However, it is not a mandate to download the app, nor do we wish for it to be made mandatory in a particular location, workplace or organisation. No organisation should be actively discouraging people from downloading the app as it is a personal app for personal use. The success of the app will be dependent on the public choosing to download the app as part of their contribution to reducing the spread of this virus.

As a trusted organisation operating in Scotland you can help Protect Scotland and keep coronavirus from spreading again by:

  • Downloading and sharing the new Protect Scotland app
  • Communicating the benefits of the Protect Scotland app to your employees and customers – encouraging them to download the app – but not making it a requirement
  • Reinforcing the importance of us all working together by following the government workplace/venue guidance for each sector
  • Encouraging staff and community members to look out for symptoms and request a test and self-isolate as soon as they develop any coronavirus symptoms
  • Facilitating and supporting employees and members needing to self-isolate, whether notified through the app or otherwise

Below you will find a range of assets to help you produce communications for the Protect Scotland app, including editorial content and imagery for emails, newsletters, intranet, and social posts. You can also share posts about the Protect Scotland app from the Scottish Government social media pages:

Sectoral guidance

Guidance will be reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure the app supports the needs of an individual sector. Detailed workplace guidance can be found by following this link to

Campaign Activity

The Protect Scotland app campaign will initially run for 4 weeks across TV, radio, press, social media and digital.

News release and editorial

A media release has been circulated which explains how the app works, it’s minimal data use, privacy and anonymity settings, and how you would be alerted if you do have a close contact.

If you are scheduling to include information about the Protect Scotland app in your newsletter, e-zine or online, you can use some or all of the editorial text attached and include one of the videos or images below.

Explainer video

Help protect Scotland by sharing this video to help spread the word, not the virus.

The Protect Scotland App explainer video is also available in additional languages on YouTube:

A British Sign Language (BSL) version of the Protect Scotland app explainer video is also available on YouTube:

Social Media

We would be grateful if you could also provide support via your social media channels or share posts from the Scottish Government channels. Here are a few examples of social media text you can use to encourage your followers to download the Protect Scotland app.

We recommend embedding advert, images, and videos from the campaign in your posts for the maximum impact.

Social advert edits

Social image posts

app screen


Facebook/Instagram 1080sq

Twitter 1024 x 512

Screen shots of the app

Android play store

app store 6.5 inch

Ready to print or share

These posters have no crop marks so can be printed from any printer or shared as pdfs to your staff by HR, their line manager or on the intranet.


Get in touch

More information about the Protect Scotland app can be found on the How it Works, How We Use Your Data or the FAQ pages. If you have questions about the app that are not covered on this website, please contact

To find out more about how to support the Protect Scotland app campaign please get in touch with the Partnership team, on behalf of the Scottish Government at

Help stop the virus. Download the app today.

By voluntarily choosing to use the Protect Scotland app, alongside existing public health and contact tracing measures, you can help to stop the spread of the virus in Scotland.

Help family members to download the app, encourage your colleagues to use it and share it with friends.

If we all play our part, we can all help protect ourselves, our families and Scotland against coronavirus.